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Let us help you enjoy the success of becoming a great communicator in your work or personal life through our consulting, coaching and training services. Our goal is to equip you with the skills not only to communicate well today, but also to continue getting better at your craft well into the future.

Communication Consulting

We work with corporates and startups to improve their strategic and tactical communication effectiveness. This involves working with the client to understand the problem and working out the best way to use communication to solve that problem.

Assignments range from developing a project or corporate strategy, equipping employees to execute the strategy and completing the tactics ourselves. Our approach is based on the Bullseye! methodology.

Communication Training

Equipping people to communicate well is critical to your business, social or personal success. Our class-room training course provides an opportunity for professionals to develop a communication mindset and have the tools to grow as a successful communicator.

A successful communicator is someone who can develop a tightly targetted message and deliver it to the chosen audience through any range of media. The Bullseye! methodology offers a single approach to build this.


Executive Communication Coaching

Reading books and attending training a great ways to learn a new approach. However, most people fail to take action immediately afterwards. They return to their every-day activities and forget to implement.

That’s why coaching is valuable for someone who truly wishes to be successful. Coaching helps you learn and apply the principles to real-life situations over a time period that embeds your learning.

In the Bullseye! communication coaching program, we aim to develop your communication mindset and put you on a radical growth path to becoming a great communicator

frequently asked questions

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What does training cover?

Attendees learn the overall Bullseye! methodology, which includes:

  • The four key influencers in any communication that you need to be aware of
  • The five steps of the Bullseye methodology
  • An overview of language in each media
  • How to develop the mindset of a communicator and grow as a successful communicator

Whilst the principles and method taught will always be the same, examples and application will be based on the attendees’ backgrounds.


What is the style of training?

We believe that learning occurs within the attendee in the classroom.

A trainer can know everything about the subject and use the time to explain it, but this does not guarantee a participant will learn the information.

Our goal is for participants to leave with new knowledge that have gleaned from the session. Therefore, whilst our facilitators know the material back to front, their role will be to help participants discover and learn the material themselves. Our approach is to use the most contemporary methods in learning because we know that this gets the best results.

Can I tailor my training session?

In a sense, your facilitator will tailor the learning session around the participants to maximise your opportunity to learn the Bullseye! communication method.

However, since most of our training is to satisfy the needs of our corporate clients, we will tailor the course to suit the client. This includes the amount of time we run the course and what kind of material we will cover and how much detail. Since the methodology applies across all industries and different kinds of professions, we amke sure that each course is applicable to participants. This means using real life examples that are relevant and practical to your work.

What is the role of the coach?

Your coach’s role is to get the most out of you in terms of developing a communicator’s mindset and growing as a communicator.

Whilst each session will be planned and focused, it will be mostly up to you to get the most out of it by dedicating time to the sessions, preparing fo rthe sessions, and applying.


How does coaching work?

Once you’ve signed up for coaching, you’ll work with your coach to schedule in some session times that fit you and your coach’s calendar.

Your coach will use the first few sessions to get to know you and evaluate where you are in your communication capability. He or she will then discuss with you an approach that will reach your goal.

Whilst we have standard plans to help people develop the communicator’s mindset and grow, we also recognise growth happens with the individual. If you have a different view of where you want to get to, your coach will work with that.

Who do you provide consulting services to?

We consult with corporates and businesses along with entrepreneurs and startups.


What is the Bullseye! methodology?

This is a university validated methodology that Dave Halls developed based on his two decade’s experience consulting and training people in communication.

The aim is to help people understand what makes good communication and offer simple steps that anyone can follow to communicate successfully. It is both a framework and a methodology. The methodology was first written about in Dave Halls’ book Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

It has since been university validated and the subject of several studies.

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