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Bullseye! For Internet Marketers

Discover How To Create Audience Driven Marketing Content That Gets Results

Introducing online video training based on the Amazon best seller Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.
The Bullseye! Method is university validated and the original book is used as an official communication textbook for university professors

Do you want to connect with your prospects, build a long-term relationship with your customers and increase sales conversion?

Then Bullseye! for Digital Marketers is for you!

From the framework, practical method and strategies to becoming better at connecting with your prospects and customers, Dave Halls covers every aspect in this online video course. You’ll get just enough – but no too much! – theory to help you apply the steps and strategies to your business immediately.

The university validated method that Dave teaches from applies to all media: web, video and audio. You’ll learn how to apply it when creating landing pages, writing emails and publishing blogs.

Video Program

25 Lessons

5 Learning Resources

Why you need this course

You learn simple, practical steps to create
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing emails
  • Blogs

Course Details

Discover the the little-known but critical four elements of communication. You need to understand these elements and how they work if you really want to control your marketing assets.

Learn the five steps of the Bullseye! method in detail. You’ll see how it works with all media and channels. By the end of this module you’ll have the steps to creating outcome-driven makreting assets.

This module shows you how how to create a laser-focused sales page using the Bullseye! Method.

This is where you see the simplicity and effectivenss of the Bullseye! method in progress.

How to create purpose driven emails using the Bullseye! method

How to write blogs that build long term relationships with your followers

Why communication is so critical for your business...

In each business interaction, you need great communication skills to achieve your purpose. This includes:

  •  When writing emails?
  •  When writing copy for your website?
  •  When talking to potential customers or associates over the phone?
  •  When explaining to anyone how your product or service operates?
  •  When making notes in your CRM software against a particular prospect for future reference

Some people manage to get by with some of these activities without developing competent communication skills. But they are at a genuine disadvantage. They can only hope to be successful because they’re not working from a proven method.

Start connecting and building relationships with your customers today by learning and applying the skills from Bullseye! For Digital Marketers. 

You will see more customers and business success as you implement what is been taught in this video course. 

communication mastery

Dave Halls

Dave Halls is a communication expert who helps entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and small to medium business owners to become great communicators across all media. He does this through a mix of classroom based training, online training courses and one-to-one coaching based on his university validated Bullseye methodology.