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Experts say communication skills are essential for business success

  • Business leader and entrepreneur Richard Branson wrote: Communication is the most important skill any leader can have
  • Accenture North America CEO Julie Sweet said: “I think people underrate the importance of investing in your communication skills as a way to progress in your career
  • Jayson DeMers writing in said: “Your success as an entrepreneur is determined in large part by your ability to communicate.”

Research shows that poor communication leads to poor business results

  • Businesses lose money because of poor communication: $37billion dollars was lost amongst a group of 200 companies in one year alone (Holmes Report)
  • Internal projects fail because of poor communication:  30% of projects fail because of this(Project Management Institute)
  • Businesses fail to adopt critical changes: without frequent and open communication (Prosci’s 2016 benchmark report lists this as a top contributor to change success)
  • Companies can can cut turnover by over 200% and absenteeism in half in companies according to a Forbes study of 23,000 companies
  • Non profits can increase donations to non-profits over 40% from good communication
  • You can outperform competitors by 202% by using good communication to engage your workforce better

"Yet many people in business can't get their message right or deliver it well. Mostly, because they've never been shown how or taken the time to learn."

Most people struggle because they...

  • Don’t know where to start
  • Don’t know what media to choose for best results
  • Might be able to create a message but can’t really tell if it is good or not
  • Are good at delivering a message in one medium (such as presenting) but are lousy at most others (writing, video, creating PowerPoints, and so on)
  • Are frightened at delivering
  • Get inconsistent results – sometimes their message turns out well whilst at other times they don’t…

But it's not their fault...

But then, you can’t blame them for this.

Whilst experts and researchers have been clear on what you need to do when it comes to communication  success, there’s a BIG silence when it comes showing you HOW!

For example, how often have you got advice on how to improve your copy as “make it more persuasive”… but without being shown how to be persuasive? Or advice for how to connect with your reader better by using a style that is “more conversational”… but without being shown how… Or to make the message clearer by using a story but without being told how to tell a story in a way that captivates people.

You might think you’re being shown the all-important how but in fact just being told what you need to do. Anyone can tell you what to do – but not anybody can tell you how.

So the average person in business does the best they can and hopes for the best. They create marketing or operational messages or piece of comms that sort of looks good.

Yet they remain frustrated because they know they could have written that document better, made their sales page more persuasive, received better responses from their emails, celebrated more buy-ins after their investor pitch, presented with more clarity and less waffle… but they just didn’t know how.

Yet business success still relies on great communication to be successful

Meanwhile, today’s business environment continues to expect us to be better communicators than ever before.

In the old days, you could be great at presenting your ideas on paper and lousy at presenting them in person. Not any more. You don’t just need to create a tight message that’s focused on your business objective. You also need to be a master at delivering it through any media – print, online, video, social media, in-person…

So it’s no wonder that people give up or settle for mediocrity.

Besides the bad experiences, the demands are overwhelming!

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Bullseye! Method offers an easy path to become a great communicator

The Bullseye method is an innovative approach to creating marketing, operational or leadership comms that achieves business goals and outcomes. It offers the steps to create a message with a laser-like focus on your objective. Then optimise that message for the best media that can speak directly to your target audience. All this whilst saving you time.

As you start using this method as a tool to get business results from your messaging and comms, you’ll find yourself becoming a great communicator in all that you do.

The method doesn’t just focus on the HOW of communication. It also gets you thinking in a way that develops your communication skills from within. You will become more natural at delivering your message on paper, online, in meetings, town halls and on video. You’ll intrinsically understand what makes great communication and be able to use this to grow your business or career.

Even more… the Bullseye! Method is proven to work. Find out how here.