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Bullseye! Method for Change Managers

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across,
your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Lacocca

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  • Do you need to change your communication approach?
  • Communicating for a change
  • How the Bullseye Method! can help your your change comms

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Do you need to change your communication approach?

Effective communication is critical for successful change and transformation projects.

If you’re familiar with the ADKAR model, you’ll know that communication is an essential tool for raising awareness of the need to change and later reinforcing that change among individuals in an organization.

But that’s not the only reason to consider communication important.
PROSCI released its 2016 benchmark study in change management, where it identified the top seven contributors to successful change. At the top of the list was active and visible sponsorship. This requires high-level communication skills from the sponsor.

The study also identified other key contributors to successful change. This included engagement with project managers, middle managers and employees.

What key skill do you think is going to help you engage with these different levels of the organization?


But putting it right out there… the benchmark report explicitly identifies “frequent and open communication” as a key contributor to change success.

Meanwhile, the Project Management Institute in its most recent benchmark report identified that 30% of projects fail because of poor communication.

Communicating for a change

The simple fact is that communication is an important skill you need during the life of any change project.

As a change manager or agent you could find yourself presenting information to senior stakeholders… ghost writing an announcement or article for the program director… writing intranet articles… preparing PowerPoint slides… running meetings… and a whole lot more activities depend on great communication skills.

Yet, many change managers and agents find it hard to articulate a message and then deliver it through the right channel. Although they might like to rely on a communication specialist resource, many projects can’t justify the expense. So they might wing their comms pieces or run on intuition without knowing how to break the approach down to scientific steps.

That’s where the Bullseye! communication method comes in.

change managers

How the Bullseye! Method can help your change comms

The Bullseye! communication method is a university validated and proven system that will help you craft tight, effective messages and choose the best way to deliver them in an organisational context.

It offers a framework through which you can understand how effective communication works. You can use it to review and analyse your existing comms and see how to improve them. You can also use the associated method to ensure your messages and content developed efficiently and focused for maximised effect.

The Bullseye! method is deceptively simple and applies to all types of comms you may need to produce on a change project. This includes delivering presentations, video and podcasts through to writing comms and structuring personal interactions. It ensures that you choose the most effective channels in your organisation to suit your message and audience.

You can also use the Bullseye! comms method to help:

  • Sponsors create and promote, motivate and encourage change through better messaging
  • Middle managers explain changes to their staff
  • Change agents engage with employees better through better communication
  • Change managers to analyse and review messaging and the best available media to ensure maximum effectiveness for the message
  • Change agents and managers create the “nitty-gritty” of communication pieces such as articles, PowerPoint presentations, project messaging
  • Change managers and agents draft clear and simple comms for paper, screen, video and in-person communications

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