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I'm interested in your thoughts...

Hi there,

If you’re reading this page, then it means you’re one of the lucky few…

Or more importantly, a friend and colleague who I’ve enjoyed working with in the communication space, whether through training, change or comms… and someone from whom I would really value feedback.

Recently I’ve been working on an audio program that shows how someone can become a great communicator. Someone who can easily craft a tight message for a specific audience and powerfully use the best medium to get it to them.

It expands on what I wrote about in my book Bullseye! and covers a lot more ground. Such as the communicator’s mindset, how to understand practical communication, plus the Bullseye workflow (which has been university validated).

The program is based on the premise that someone becomes a great communicator by having the right mindset, a clear-eyed understanding of what makes good communication, and an efficient, practical workflow that consistently gets results.

It pulls together the philosophy and approach I’ve developed and used over the past twenty years into an audio program. This includes a lot of elements that were researched and used to teach incoming professors at the LA College District (the largest college in the US).

The reason I’m explaining all this…?


I’d love you to have a look at the program and tell me what you think. I value your thoughts and feedback.

Now I have to be up front and say that this isn’t really a training program. And it’s not really a coaching program. And it’s not really a motivational program either…

Yes, it has elements that I hope will train the listener. And elements that I hope will coach them as much as one can be coached without having a physical coach. And elements that will inspire and motivate the listener.

But I’ve packaged it into the kind of program you’d expect to get from a Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey or Darren Hardy. My expectation is that most people who will later buy this course will only listen to it. Some will try the exercises. And a very few will try the quizzes.

So if you’re one of my training professional colleagues, you won’t see a purist training program. And if you’re one of my coaching colleagues, you won’t see a purist coaching program…

But you’ll find a program that can only be richer from the feedback from professionals like yourself. And that’s why I would really value your thoughts.

I also have to tell you that the program is not 100% complete. You’re seeing a pre-release version that’s 90% complete… Quizzes need to be finalised and some of the text still needs fine tuning. But the key material to check out is the audio. And that’s where I’d value your feedback in terms of clarity, program structure, flow etc…

So… if you’re game, please check out the program…

Have a listen and let me know if it all makes sense. From the ideas, explanations and program structure through to the UX of thinkific.

And if you think there might be better ways of doing things within the guiding purpose… let me know. Or if you like the ideas, let me know too.

You can start listening to it after setting up an account through thinkific. Click the orange “Learn More” button at the upper right of this  this page. This will take you to the “thinkific” platform where you can set up a free user account so you can then access program.

Thanks for your time and interest!

Dave Halls.

Let me know ...

Access the program by clicking "Learn More" above. This will take you to a page where you can sign up (for free) and then access the program.

Dr Todd Eller PhD talks about research behind the Bullseye method and how he uses it to train incoming professors at the largest college district in the US.

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