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Special message from award winning author Dave Halls.

How businesses lose money and fail each day...

Dear Friend,

Did you know that businesses lose money and fail each day …because of poor communication?

That’s right.

From poor landing pages, emails and web content through to poor investor pitches, business documents, videos and uninspiring messages from leaders…

In fact, $37 billion was lost in one year alone across 200 companies in the US and UK! And we’re only talking about large organisations, not the smaller ones that don’t have large marketing or communication departments…

Have you ever considered how your ability to articulate your ideas or promote your products and services to the right audience dramatically affects the success of your:

  • Landing pages
  • Emails and blogs
  • Pitches to investors
  • Business documents
  • Videos
  • Web content
  • And more..?

Just about every area of your business relies on your ability to create great marketing, leadership or organizational comms. Even more so if you’re a small business or entrepreneur.

Whilst research tells us that poor communication fails businesses, it also tells us that good communication improves business success. From attracting high value customers through to keeping your team actively working.

So whether you like it or not – you have to be a great communicator for success in business.

As if that’s not enough…

But I understand… it’s easy to get stuck when it comes to creating a message or piece of content. You’ve probably heard millions of opinions and got free advice.

Entrepreneurs and leaders like Richard Branson, Jack Welch and Accenture CEO Julie Sweet all say that you need to be a great communicator for success as an entrepreneur or business professional…

And they’re not alone. There are loads of business bloggers giving “success” advice with what you must do… develop great communication skills.

What to do versus how to do it…

But that’s easier said that done.

How many people don’t just tell you to develop your comms skills but also tell you HOW to become a great communicator?

So you can:

  • Craft a tight, focused message with laser precision to your target audience
  • Choose the best media to deliver it – social media, web, video, paper etc
  • Know how to use the right media to make sure your message is super charged for cut-through
  • Use a single set of skills to achieve all your business objectives – to promote, lead and improve efficiencies…

Not many.

It’s as if the “How” of becoming a great communicator is some closely guarded secret. For the elite.

Which makes it hard if you’re an entrepreneur, digital marketer or business owner without formal help or training in comms relying on this essential skill. Because regardless of your ideas and expertise, you’re expected to explain your latest idea, promote your products and services, lead teams, provide clear instructions brilliantly as a great communicator… It’s scary..

I totally understand

But this is not your fault. Schools teach us how to write essays on Shakespeare, but not web content, or videos that grow businesses. (As much as I value studying literature because of what it teaches us about the human condition, a lot of what we learn in school does not teach us about the business condition.)

So it’s common to switch to online courses and youtube.

But most of these web sites, video and email courses focus on the technical stuff …they don’t tell you how to structure your message and deliver it in the right language for maximum impact …or how to tell a story…

You’ve also probably got lots of opinions free advice from friends and family on how to communicate better. Or looked in the comms section of your local bookshop at hundreds of different books on how to get your message  out …how to speak well, write well, video well… But that’s only made you more confused than ever.

By the time you’re finished processing each different approach for each different type of comms in every different book – not to mention trying out your friends’ and family’s advice – it’ll be time to retire!

That’s not going to help your business today.

A simpler way to getting great results

What you need is a single, proven method that will work across any kind of comms. Across any kind of media. That supports your business purpose and gets results. Whether that is promoting your business, leading your business or making it work better.

And that’s what I’m offering you today.

It’s a system that I’ve developed over 20 years in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and professional to become amazing communicators in their fields. So they can deliver powerful messages and deliver these through landing pages, emails, documents, in videos or in person from a stage…

I’ve written about this in my book Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience, which you’re about to get for free.

But I’ll be sharing much more than I can in a simple book through a comprehensive communication mastery audio program.

Here’s just a little bit of what you’ll discover in that program…

  • How you can become a natural communicator who can craft tight messages and deliver it directly to your target audience
  • How communication really works – this applies for marketing, leadership and organisation – and what you can do
  • How to overcome classic stumbling blocks and master the inner game of communication
  • How to use the bullseye method to achieve real, tangible business results

As I mentioned, this program goes a lot further than my book ever went. It also includes practical exercises and quizzes that will help you succeed in your journey to become a great communicator for your business success.

But how can you be sure that it works?

Here’s the real proof

The Bullseye Method has been studied, researched and university validated. In fact, it has been used to teach incoming professors at the largest college district in the US.  Studies prove that it not only improves communication success, but productivity also.

Here is what people say about the bullseye method, my book Bullseye! and their experience learning from me…

Your approach to structuring written and verbal communication is something I now use all the time. I can’t thank you enough, and I would recommend your instruction to anyone seeking to improve their written or verbal communication skills.” – David Lambdin, senior business consultant”David Lambdin – senior business consultant

“This training provided me valuable insights into the art of writing and got some tangible learnings from his workshop. I recommend his training to anyone seeking to be effective in written communication.” – Param Trichur, Senior Business Analyst

“Dave gave me the best help in business communication I have ever gotten in years. Whether you are a new or seasoned presenter, I strongly recommend you learn from Dave Halls. Either in person at his workshops or from his book Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience” –  Miguel Zurita – Business Analyst

“Are you ready to take full control of your destiny? Choosing to master the art of communication is exactly where to begin. Bullseye gives you the clarity, foundation, and plan to bring your ability to express yourself to another level, in the numerous channels that are available in today’s connected world. Prepare to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the rest.”Tom Beal, author, speaker and founder of “Make Today Great!”

“Bullseye!” by Dave Halls really does hit its mark. If you’re looking to learn the skills required to really connect with your audience, then “Bullseye!” is required reading. From the framework, to the medium and language, Dave covers every aspect with great detail, and in an easy to understand fashion.” – John Chow, Internet Marketer, blogger, author and speaker

“Having been a business coach for over 20 years, I know that Dave Halls methodology is the best way for companies and individuals to increase their success 200%. His approach is scientific, down to earth and creates real results. Start using his communication strategies today!” –  Dr Todd Eller PhD, professor LA College District

The Bullseye Method has been studied, researched and university validated. In fact, it has been used to teach incoming professors at the largest college district in the US.  Studies prove that it not only improves communication success, but productivity also.

Here is what people say about the bullseye method, my book Bullseye! and their experience learning from me…


But why just $97, $47..?

I’m excited in 2017 to be a knowledge partner for the Global Digital Marketing Summit. You’ll discover from my courses that I am BIG in sharing knowledge that helps people improve.

And in the spirit of sharing knowledge over the weekend of the GDMS, you’re already getting access to my best selling book Bullseye! _ Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

But I’d like to give you the chance of going one step further with one of my online learning programs. These normally sell for $495 and $497. They are deisgned to help you become an amazing communicator in your field so you can build your own success through yur ability to communicate a message.

Obviously I can’t give these away for nothing! But I can offer them to you at some ridiculous discounts whilst the summit is in progress. All in the spirit of sharing knowledge that can change your life.

So if you’re serious about becoming a great communicator who can naturally craft a tight focused message and deliver it powerfully through any media… to promote, lead or improve your business… start by grabbing the book below. But also grab one of my online learning programs below before I raise the price

And here’s to your communication success!

Dave Halls
Best selling author and creator of the Bullseye Method



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