Bullseye! communication method for

business professionals

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca


Communication is your business

As a business professional in the corporate environment, you’ll understand how important it is to communicate your message, ideas or instructions successfully with other colleagues.

Whether you need to provide your manager with a brief, run a team meeting or develop business cases, proposals or work instructions…. you’ll need to articulate your ideas, concepts and instructions clearly.

Research consistently highlights that good communication is critical for successful organisations and that poor communication has a negative impact on efficiencies, staff engagement and profits.

The Project Management Institute in its benchmark report attributes 30% of project failures to poor communication. And one study found that $37 billion was lost in one year alone amongst 100 companies in the US and UK.

But then, you probably don’t need to know the research because it describes what you see in a typical work week.

But if being a great communicator improves your success, why are so many business professionals struggle to communicate well? Perhaps it is because they haven’t been shown what makes great communication and how to practice it well.

That’s where the Bullseye! method comes in. It offers a framework and method for becoming a great communicator. It is a single approach that applies whether you are giving a speech, writing a business document, preparing a PowerPoint presentation or giving a briefing.

It simplifies the art of communication and offers you the steps to communication success.

Make communication your way of business

The principles of the university validated Bullseye! method will help you write documents that people will read and want to make decisions on. It will help you prepare PowerPoint slides that don’t put people to sleep. It will help you write emails that get people’s attention during a busy work day. It will also help you get more out of meetings and present your ideas and thoughts effectively.

This method requires a whole new way of communicating that will revolutionise your approach to business, serving internal or external customers, and leading teams. You’ll be able to use the skills to get results that work for your goals and objectives once you master the Bullseye! method.

You’ll develop the communicator’s mindset and become a great communicator.

How the Bullseye! method can help your business succeed

Here’s how learning the Bullseye! method is going to help you as a Business professional. You’ll:

  • Learn how to articulate your ideas, opinions and instructions in a way that gets positive results
  • Understand how different media works with different audiences in your organization and how to harness these to your effect
  • Have a system to help you deliver a presentation, write a document or email, present to the company’s social media video site, prepare articles for the intranet and more
  • Become innovative and specific in how you get important messages to your colleagues
  • Know how to structure messages to inspire, persuade, convince, explain, inform or educate people in and outside of the business
  • And a whole lot more

How we can help you


We work with corporates and startups to improve their strategic and tactical communication effectiveness. This involves working with the client to understand the problem and working out the best way to use communication to solve that problem.


We equip individuals to communicate for their business, social or personal success. We offer a mix of online video training and class-room training courses for professionals to develop a communication mindset and have the tools to grow as a successful communicator.


We work alongside dedicated professionals from all industries who are committed to becoming a great communicator. The coaching program caters for individual tailored needs whilst helping participants on a practical level to develop a communicator mindset in their work and become a great communicator.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.



3 Elements To Becoming a GREAT communicator

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