Bullseye! communication method for

the business leader or owner

“Communication is the most important skill any leader can have” – Richard Branson, successful business leader and entrepreneur


Communication is the common thread of your business

As a business leader or owner, you’ll know how important communication is to all aspects of your business. It supports the operational and efficiencies of day to day operations. It helps you acquire customers and clients through targeted marketing messages. And it facilitates relationships within your team and with your customers and clients.

Communication is like the mortar that holds multiple bricks together in a structure.

In a typical day as a business leader or owner you will rely will on communication to:

  • Lead and manage your staff
  • Oversee or develop your own marketing messages
  • Explaining your products and services in a way that gets people to buy
  • Provide clear instructions for staff on how to complete critical processes in your business
  • Develop long term relationships with customers and clients
  • And a whole lot more

Yet many businesses just hang together on a very thin thread

Whilst communication plays such an important role, very few people have the luxury of learning how to communicate well. Even though better communication means better marketing, operations and personal relationships.

And so many business owners will watch as customers leave because they are confused about the products and services. Or wait for days on end for even one prospect to respond to marketing message that has missed the right audience. And they’ll wonder why their staff remain uninspired, incompetent or not engaged.

The strength that communication has to hold business together and help it grows has been stifled.

But then, it may not be easy to turn on this power of communication to strengthen and grow the business. No one has taught the skills in successful communication.

As a business owner you are creating and delivering messages all day – whether these are good or bad. You need to know how to create the RIGHT message and get it to your audience regardless of the medium. You also need to know that what little time you have to prepare is being used effectively, powerfully and scientifically.

Become a great communicator and improve your business success

That’s where the university validated Bullseye! method comes in.

It shows you how to communicate effectively so that staff know how to keep operations humming. It teaches you how to create messages that motivate or inspire your team. Or explain what you do. Or acquire new customers and clients.

It teaches a whole new way of communicating that will revolutionize your approach to business, serving customers and leading teams. You’ll learn principles that apply to marketing, operational, social and personal communication.

You’ll develop the communicator’s mindset and become a great communicator.

How the Bullseye! method can help your business succeed

Here’s how learning the Bullseye! method is going to help you as a business owner. You’ll:

  • Learn how to think and grow as a communicator through your business activities
  • Understand how to “fish rather than be given fish” when it comes to professional, successful communication
  • Know how to harness different media to work your messages harder and connect with your target audience
  • Be able to tighten your marketing messages for more effective results
  • Know how to structure messages to inspire, persuade, convince, explain, inform or educate people in and outside of the business
  • And a whole lot more

How we can help you


We work with corporates and startups to improve their strategic and tactical communication effectiveness. This involves working with the client to understand the problem and working out the best way to use communication to solve that problem.


We equip individuals to communicate for their business, social or personal success. We offer a mix of online video training and class-room training courses for professionals to develop a communication mindset and have the tools to grow as a successful communicator.


We work alongside dedicated professionals from all industries who are committed to becoming a great communicator. The coaching program caters for individual tailored needs whilst helping participants on a practical level to develop a communicator mindset in their work and become a great communicator.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.



3 Elements To Becoming a GREAT communicator

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