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The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration, Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication. (Harold S. Geneen)

Have you ever struggled to:

  • Explain your idea in a way that your prospective investor or business partner really gets it?
  • Motivate your team with your vision?

You’re not alone.
The latest research suggests….
But then, that probably doesn’t surprise you. You’ve probably seen…

  • Example of where something goes wrong
  • Another example of where something goes wrong
  • And yet another example

Fact is, being able to create the RIGHT message and get it to the RIGHT audience through the best medium available is an essential skill for success in [name of profession].

And it doesn’t stop there. Being able to do this strategically and efficiently is just as important.

Bu the reality is, not many people can do this. First you’ve got learn how to use [problem 1 medium], then [problem 2 medium], then problem 3 [medium]. It seems like a lot of hard work even if it does pay off with some great results.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Discover what studies say about the Bullseye! communication method and why it is being used to teach communication skills in college

You see, the principles that lie behind any kind of communication – marketing, operations, sales, education, personal – are all the same. They just get applied in different ways. Ways that become pretty simple once you see how it all ties together.

For example, everything you communicate has a purpose. Whether it is to sell a product, persuade somone to take on your idea, explain your new conmcept, get people to share your vision… And everytime you successfully communicate there is an audience. Even though they are unique every time. And every messasge you create has to go out through a medium… and it has to have content.

I know a little about all this because I;ve been helping people improve their communication success as a communication consultant for over 20 years. And over this time, I’ve worked out from experience how great communication works. In such a way as to get real, tangible results.

I’ve brought all this together into what I call the Bullseye method.

It is three things that are going to make you a great communicator: a framework, method and growth process.

It has been the subject of academic studies and proven to increase productivity amongst business owners by up to 74%. It has also been university validated and is now used to teach incoming professors communication at the largest college in the US.

I’ve also watched as people I have worked with have improved their skills over night:

  • "Are you ready to take full control of your destiny? Choosing to master the art of communication is exactly where to begin. Bullseye gives you the clarity, foundation, and plan to bring your ability to express yourself to another level, in the numerous channels that are available in today’s connected world. Prepare to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the rest."

    Tom Beal Author and founder of Make Today Grea

So what’s all this to you? What is the Bullseye! communication method going to do for you?

First of all, it’s only for you if you’re seriously about improving your communication skills for success as a [entrepreneur]. The method will change you and improve you in ways you’ve not thoguht possible.

But it requires a commitment to learn the framnework, apply the method when you do create messages, and a willingness develop the communicator’s mindset to grow into a great communicator.

When this happens, you’ll find

  • Example relevvant to profession…
  • E.g.

“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess:” (Richard Branson: http://virg.in/qoco)

So how can YOU become a GREAT communicator?

Identify it a critical skill in your toolkit for success and commit to becoming a great communicator.

Read Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience and discover what you can do to become a great communicator.

You’ll get a good introduction to what’s involved in formulating a message and knowing how to use the best medium to get your message to your target audience.

You’ll also discover that it is possible for one communication method to simply guide you to communication success in all situations – operational, sales and marketing, personal and social.

This book will offer you university validated principles and steps that you can start applying for success in any communication situation from day one.

Learn more about how to apply the method to being successful as an entrepreneur. See how the Bullseye! communication method will help you you articulate your product or service more concisely, develop a pitch, motivate your growing team, provide clear instructions to your VA or get buy-in from an investor or business partner. And more!

You can do this by completing one of our upcoming online courses.

Contact us to find out how you can attend one of our Bullseye! training courses where you’ll not only learn how to apply the Bullseye method to your work, but get feedback from our expert facilitators.

Our training courses use the latest in adult learning principles to ensure you leave having learned valuable content that you can start applying to your success as an entrepreneur.

Contact us to join our coaching program. Coaching is one-to-one and focuses specifically on what you can do to become a great communicator through everything you do as an entrepreneur.

The two greatest benefits are that you’ll get tailored learning to your situation and needs, plus accountability. You’ll find yourself developing a communicator’s mindset that will help your activities and becoming a great communicator quickly.

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