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“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” – Lee Iacocca


Your success as an entrepreneur is tied to your communication skills

“Your success as an entrepreneur is determined in large part by your ability to communicate.” – Jayson DeMers writing in Entrepreneur.com

There’s no doubt about it. As each new research article comes out identifying what it takes be a successful entrepreneur, one skillset always gets a mention. Communication.

But then that shouldn’t surprise you.

As an entrepreneur you’ll be doing lots of things every day that rely on high quality communication skills. This could include:

  • Persuading potential investors and business partners to join you through pitches
  • Leading and inspiring a team
  • Explaining your product and services to prospects
  • Explaining your product and services to prospects
  • Instructing your VA or staff to perform critical tasks
  • Articulating clear and focused goals
  • And a whole lot more

In each of these activities it’s critical to get your messaging and communication right.

Otherwise your business or venture will suffer.

  • If your pitch is not persuasive – how can you attract investors or business partners?
  • If you can’t lead or inspire your team – who can you take on your journey?
  • If you can’t explain your products and services – who is going to buy what you seriously wish to offer?
  • If you can’t create powerful messages – how are you going to acquire customers and clients?
  • If you can’t articulate your goals – how you can successfully measure them?

Become a successful entrepreneur by being a great communicator

Your success as an entrepreneur is not only tied to your ideas but tied to your communication skills.

Once you have that great idea or concept, it’s critical to know how to package it into the RIGHT message or content for the RIGHT audience through best medium possible. And you have to do this in the most efficient time since your time is the most valuable commodity.

But how can you do this – particularly when no one really teaches you the steps to consistently communicating your message professionally?

That’s where the Bullseye! method comes in. It is a proven, university validated approach to successful communication. It applies to all kinds of communication – whether it is marketing, operational or personal.

With the university validated Bullseye! method, you’ll have the steps pitch and explain your ideas. Create formal or informal speeches that motivate or inspire your team. Provide instructions that help to build your business not pull it down.

You’ll also know how best to deliver your message or content – in person, on paper, through video, or over the phone.
Instead, you’ll learn a whole new way of communicating that will revolutionise your approach because of its simplicity. You’ll have the tools to deepen your ability so you can get things done.

You’ll develop the communicator’s mindset and become a great communicator.

How the Bullseye! method can help you succeed as an entrepreneur

Here are just some ways that learning the Bullseye! method will help you become successful as an entrepreneur. You’ll:

  • Be able to share your ideas and vision to different audiences in a way that resonates with them and calls them to action
  • Become skilful at delivering your message through different media – video, paper, screen or in person
  • Be able to structure messages to inspire, persuade, convince, explain, inform or educate your people
  • peopleLearn how to think and grow as a communicator through your activities as an entrepreneur
  • Be able to pitch better and enjoy the flexibility of modifying your pitch on the fly for more effectiveness
  • Understand how to “fish rather than be given fish” when it comes to professional, scientific communication
  • And a whole lot more

How we can help you


We work with corporates and startups to improve their strategic and tactical communication effectiveness. This involves working with the client to understand the problem and working out the best way to use communication to solve that problem.


We equip individuals to communicate for their business, social or personal success. We offer a mix of online video training and class-room training courses for professionals to develop a communication mindset and have the tools to grow as a successful communicator.


We work alongside dedicated professionals from all industries who are committed to becoming a great communicator. The coaching program caters for individual tailored needs whilst helping participants on a practical level to develop a communicator mindset in their work and become a great communicator.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.



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