• "Bullseye! by Dave Halls really does hit its mark. If you’re looking to learn the skills required to really connect with your audience, then “Bullseye!” is required reading. From the framework, to the medium and language, Dave covers every aspect with great detail, and in an easy to understand fashion!"

    John Chow Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Blogger
  • "What a splendid book! A brilliant five step process to build an effective message for any type of communication medium. It teaches anyone how to develop the right message for the right audience. Every person should own a copy of “Bullseye!” – it is a great resource that is packed with actionable strategies to fast impact your life, work and dreams"

    Rene Kamstra, International communication speaker and expert
  • "Having been a business coach for over 20 years, I know that Dave Halls methodology is the best way for companies and individuals to increase their success 200%. His approach is scientific, down to earth and creates real results. Start using his communication strategies today!"

    Dr Todd Eller, PHD
  • "Are you ready to take full control of your destiny? Choosing to master the art of communication is exactly where to begin. Bullseye gives you the clarity, foundation, and plan to bring your ability to express yourself to another level, in the numerous channels that are available in today’s connected world. Prepare to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the rest."

    Tom Beal Author and founder of Make Today Grea
  • "This outstanding book on communication has been best seller on Kindle and is currently being used the largest college district in the U.S. and was part of a study where professors preferred Bullseye over textbook instructions. ...Dave Halls’ university validated "Bullseye!" offers you the scientific steps to becoming a great communicator regardless of the communication medium. You'll learn within the pages of Bullseye! the secrets of good communication and the five steps to crafting a clear message that meets your purpose and resonates with your audience."

    Best Practice Book Awards
  • “Your approach to structuring written and verbal communication is something I now use all the time. I can’t thank you enough, and I would recommend your instruction to anyone seeking to improve their written or verbal communication skills.”

    David Lambdin Senior business consultant
  • “I was lucky to attend Dave’s workshop several days before I had to deliver a major presentation to a large number of difficult customers. It was a PowerPoint presentation from my manager that I had to show to these people… the kind that could put you to sleep while drinking coffee. What could I do? With Dave’s methodology and professional tips, I was able to strip the presentation down to the bones without losing the core message. Then build it up into a powerful presentation. Dave gave me the best help in business communication I have ever gotten in years”

    Miguel Zurita Business Analyst
  • "I recently attended a workshop on Writing Skills presented by Dave Halls. ... This training provided me valuable insights into the art of writing and got some tangible learnings from his workshop. I also plan to read his book Bullseye to enhance my learnings from the training. I recommend his training to anyone seeking to be effective in written communication."

    Param Trichur Senior Business Analyst

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