Research behind communication

Communication in business

Communication is an often ignored and misunderstood science that costs businesses money and engagement.

And a lot of research backs this up.

For instance, in a survey of 400 companies, poor communication costs these organizations over $37 Billion.

In recent study by the Australian Institute of Management, manager’s spend 30%-50% of their time simply resolving conflicts that could have easily been avoided.

But the good news is that using a scientific approach to communication helps organizations profoundly. This includes:

The Bullseye! methodology is a scientific approach to communicating successfully and is university validated. It applies to building success in business as much as it applies to personal relationships.

Poor communication cost $37 billion based on a survey of 400 companies in the US and UK

Communication in personal life

Have you ever heard that money is the number one reason why couples split?

Well, that is not actually true.

In a recent study reported by the Huffington post, poor communication was the number one reason why marriages break up.

An inability to resolve conflict was the number two reason.

Conversely, the University of Chicago found that couples can easily reduce conflict and enhance their relationship by using different methods of …communication.

The point is that your communication skills don’t just impact your work, they have a massive role to play in your personal life.

Poor communication is the number one reason why marriages break up, according to a study reported in the Huffington Post.

Bullseye! communication methodology

The Bullseye methodology applies to any kind of communication or interaction. And it has been university validated.

In 2016 Dave Halls and his communication methodology, under the supervision of Dr. Todd Eller, was shown through a university validated study that 302 professors and business owners surveyed stated that Dave Halls’ methodology increased productivity 28% to 74%. This methodology is university studied and approved. The significance of the study was conducted using a t-test and was beyond the .05 level. Further studies are being conducted within the developmentally disabled community

In a survey amongst a different group of 52 incoming professors in 2016, Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience, was rated the number 1 book on communication at the Los Angeles College District between 2010 and 2016. Based on survey research, Bullseye received a 96% score after being used in 2016. This compares to an average score of 68% over the previous five years when other communication text books were used.

For the survey, participants had to use the book and its methodology to prepare and present a communication piece. They then rated the book in terms of its content practicality. They focused on:

1. Clarity
2. Ability to use this method with any audience
3. Usefulness in a real life setting
4. Chance that it will increase their success
5. Helpfulness in teaching their students

This book is now used officially as a communication text book for incoming professors at the Los Angeles College District (the largest college district in the US).

The Bullseye! communication methodology is university validated and provides a scientific approach to improve your communication success.

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