About the Bullseye! communication methodology

The Bullseye! communication method is a university validated, scientific approach to creating successful communication.

It applies across all media – from written, video, audio and live presentation.

And it works when creating:

  • Organisational comms to increase organisational efficiencies
  • Marketing comms to attract business
  • Technical comms to explain business and technical concepts.

There are three parts to the Bullseye! Communication methodology:

  • Framework
  • Method
  • Mindset


The framework provides a way of understanding how great communication occurs. It is based on four key influencers.

Understanding these allows you to proactively improve your communication success rate as part of the method. It also helps you analyse successful and failed communications in a practical way that will lead to better results next time.



The method is a series of five steps that you must complete in the right order to achieve success in your communication. It allows you to clarify your message so that it is tight and fit for purpose before developing the message in an appropriate format.

You can apply it for success in any kind of communication: formal or casual, one way or live interactions.


Communication mindset

The goal of the Bullseye! Communication method is to help you become a great communicator. Someone who can develop a tight and purpose driven message and deliver it to the target audience across any media.

Attached the framework and method is a communication mindset that you need to develop as part of becoming a great communicator. It includes a way of viewing communication opportunities and self evaluation with a view to learn from each experience.

History of the Bullseye method

Dave Halls developed the Bullseye! communication method based on two decade’s experience practising communication consulting for corporate companies and entrepreneurs and teaching people how to improve their communication success. He wrote about it in his book Bullseye! Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience.

The method was university validated in 2016 and the subject of several studies in the US under the gudiance of Dr Todd Eller. It is now used in a number of colleges in the USA and the official text book for incoming professors at the largest college in the US.

The method has been taught and used in corporate and academic environments.

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