Bullseye! Communication Training


It’s one thing to have a communication strategy and good idea of what you want to achieve through communication. But how do you execute it?

You need your employees or staff to know how best to contribute to your company’s success through communication.

We can equip your employees with tools and skills to develop into better communicators through our university validated training program.

It is a practical course that helps people to learn about:

  • Key influencers in any communication and how to influence these to maximise your communication success
  • 5 steps to creating a successful message that achieves its purpose and resonates with its audience
  • How to develop and grow as a communicator
  • Using communication strategically and being tactical
  • And a lot more

The course builds on content from the award winning book “Bullseye! – Getting the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience” by Dave Halls and explores in much more detail how to apply it to your situation.

The benefit you’ll receive from training is having other partipants in the room who will enrich the learning from their experiences and worldviews, plus receiving instant feedback from the facilitator in how to improve one’s communication.

We can also tailor the course to suit your business or corporate requirements.
This service is offered exclusively by Halls Global.

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