Bullseye! communication consulting


Poor communication is common in many companies and it is costing them serious money in terms of inefficiencies, lost revenues and employee engagement.

One survey across 400 companies in the US and UK discovered a shared loss of $37 billion dollars due to poor communication alone. Meanwhile, other research has shown that better communication leads to better engagement among staff.

But then you probably don’t need to read the research. You’ve seen time and money lost and good people leave companies all because of poor communication.

We’ve been working with corporates and businesses to help them improve their communication effectiveness for over twenty years. Through Halls Global, we can work with you to improve your communication success in the following ways:

  • Perform a communication health check on your organisation, project or situation
  • Work with you to develop a communication strategies that helps you achieve your business purposes and increase your results
  • Equip your staff in becoming better communicators through training, coaching and mentoring
  • Execute the tactical elements of your communication strategy and equip your staff to take over for a seamless transition

Our approach is based on a mix of the fundamentals of the Bullseye! method, which has been university validated and twenty years of practical experience working with organisations and businesses to improve their communication.

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